Chris Espino
3 min readMar 28, 2022



React was a bittersweet experience with the highs and lows of emotions. I find Redux problem solving to be a bit easier than all of the prior languages we’ve studied in the past, and a bit easier to understand as far as complexity goes, and I will definitely love to dive deeper and continue learning more on what types of capabilities React has to offer. It was exciting to research all of the companies that chose react as their frontend programming language of choice. My personal favorite capability was the power of Interoperability when it comes to referencing to use code from one file inside of another. This React/Redux relationship was great to say to the least.

React allows you to see data changes without reloading. This made it easier for me when editing my actions and components with the server running. Components allows the freedom to change code, without affecting the application in its entirety.

Forms are stronger than ever. One of the best features of React-Redux is its forms!. This can be the bread and butter of any application you are trying to develop because it renders all of your data into a organized form that you can style using CSS. CSS packages such as Tailwind, allows any developer to easily style their apps, they way they’d like, and also gives them the power to make the app look professional and clean cut.

A User Interface is very important, as it guides you to click buttons, fill-out forms, or simply look at data in an eye-catching way. Without this your app can look outdated and will not succeed in a world full of amazing cutting-edge designs.

The Parent to child structure flow of React allows your data to flow downward, which does not allow your parent structure to get affected by any modifications done beneath it. Modifying states, and making sure your props are corrected is the only way your component will be successful. React is used by a vast majority of developers and companies because it’s easy to understand and its quick rendering capabilities.

Lets not forget our wonderful JSX elements! JSX is a mix of HTML and JavaScript. JSX allows us to add bits of HTML to our JavaScript. They work synonymous with one another. It allows cleaner and more simple code. It definitely makes coding easier.