Sitting at your computer at the age of 12, editing your Myspace profile with code, from “Free Layout” websites found on the internet, it would’ve never occurred to me that in the future, I would pursue the career of a software developer. My interests in Tech, has always been apparent since social media was invented and my uncles introduction to “The Matrix”.

Music production, peaked my interests at the age of 13 after running into a software called Fruity Loops and Pro tools, it amazed me how music can be altered through a program that humans interacted with. It was so much more different than traditional music making.

Watching my older brother attend college, to become a graphic designer since sparked my curiosity on the potential of the types of careers you can have by using a computer. Attending college, to study music engineering and later switching my major to a Graphic Designer learning, Design software, Web Design UX/UI Design Thinking, HTML & CSS, an advisor suggested that id take a class that was “The path to the future”. This was my first introduction to the JAVA coding Language. I learned how to use a program called “Processing”. It is a program that is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. Free to download and is open source.

This helped think of the world in a completely different light, and my view of the future as a kid was manifesting right before my eyes. My Journey into being a software developer, starts now.



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